MOU 4 NMPA Late Fee Program

MOU 4 Opt-In Registration and Deadline

Publishers must choose to opt in or opt out of the MOU 4 agreement by 11:59 PM (Eastern Time) on December 31, 2022 (“Opt-In Period”).

To access the HFA Agreement Portal, please visit and click “Log into My HFA”. Enter the same email address that received the MOU 4 NMPA Late Fee Program notification. If this is your first time accessing HFA Online, please click the blue “first time here” button to set a password and proceed to your agreements. If this is not your first time accessing HFA Online, enter your password and proceed to the Agreement Portal. Click on the “MOU 4 NMPA Late Fee Program” agreement in your Agreement Portal and follow the prompts to complete the opt-in process. You will have an opportunity to review MOU 4 and the Final Release. Once you have decided to opt into MOU 4, the authorized representative should select “Yes” in response to the prompt asking if you would like to participate.

Publishers that do not opt in through the HFA Agreement Portal will not participate in Group VI and cannot receive Group VI funds distributed under the Program.

Questions regarding this agreement or the HFA Agreement Portal may be sent to